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Faith Life Community Church

What to Expect 

Atmosphere - Our church family is a loving family comprised of young and old with a mixture of many ethnic backgrounds. Dress tends to be business-casual, but there is always a mixture of ties and blue jeans.

Arriving - Upon arriving at Faith Life you will be welcomed at the front door by one of our friendly greeters. The greeter will provide you with a bulletin as well as information on the facilities of the church. Directional signs are helpful in locating  areas such as the restrooms, nursery, classroom, etc.

Childcare - Childcare is provided for all our weekly services. Nursery & Toddler care is available 10 minutes before each service. On Sundays children, ages 5-12, join the adults for Family Worship.

Family Worship/Music - For about the first 30 minutes of the service the worship team at Faith Life will lead the congregation into a time singing unto the Lord. These songs comprise of a mixture from fast upbeat songs to slower intimate songs. There are times you will see people raise their hands unto the Lord and sometimes even dance before the Lord. We believe church does not have to be a painful experience but a joyful one. When this portion of the service has concluded the children, ages 5-12, will be dismissed to Children's Church.

Visitor Cards - You will not be asked to stand during the service to acknowledge your visit however there is a visitor card in the chairs in front of where you will be sitting. We ask that each visitor fill one out so we can have record of your visit.

Giving - During the service they will be a time to receive the Lord's tithes & offerings. Visitors are not obligated or pressured to give.

Preaching - Pastor will bring a dynamic message that will inspire and encourage you in your walk with the Lord. The length of the message runs about 40 minutes.

Alter Call - At the end of the service opportunity is given for times of prayer. Wether you need prayer for salvation, rededication, physical healing, etc. we believe  that the Lord answers prayer and encourage everyone regardless of their need to participate.

Dismissal - Service is dimissed by the Pastor or Worship Leader. Often times people take this time to fellowship with each other.

    Faith Life Community Church
    726 W. Tefft St. (PO Box 300)
    Nipomo, CA. 93444